WhatsApp Voice Chatting Feature

WhatsApp Voice Chats Feature


the popular messaging app held by Meta is testing a new feature that allows users to communicate in groups using voice chats. The feature is currently available to some users who have installed the latest WhatsApp beta for Android, version

WhatsApp Voice Chats

are a new way to start and join voice conversations in groups without ringing everyone’s phone. Users can see a new voice waveform icon in the group chat header, which they can tap to initiate a voice chat. A dedicated interface will appear, showing the participants and their status. Users can join and leave the voice chat at any time, and speak freely with other group members.

Voice Chat Feature

is only available in certain groups, usually those with more than 32 members. However, only up to 32 participants can join a voice chat at the same time. If the voice chat stays empty for 60 minutes, it will automatically finish. Users can start another voice chat whenever they want.

Advantages Of WhatsApp Voice Chat

One of the advantages of voice chats is that they are silent and obscure. Users will receive a silent push notification when a new voice chat is created, and the group icon will display a small thumbnail representing the voice chat in the chat list. Users can also mute or unmute the voice chat notifications according to their importance.

Another advantage of voice chats is that they are secure and private. Voice chats are protected by end-to-end encryption, which means that only the players can listen to the contents of the call. No one else, not even Meta or WhatsApp, can access or intercept the voice chats.

WhatsApp is predicted to roll out the voice chat feature to more users in the forthcoming days, as well as to other platforms such as iOS and Web. The feature is similar to other apps that offer group voice calls, such as Telegram and Discord. However, WhatsApp’s voice chats are designed to be more convenient and seamless for users who want to communicate in groups without bother.

WhatsApp is regularly working on improving its features and functionality for its users. The app recently introduced animated avatars, admin review, and email verification features. WhatsApp also plans to introduce video messaging, similar to voice messaging, in the future.

WhatsApp’s new voice chat feature is a welcome addition for users who want to connect with their friends, family, or colleagues in groups using voice conversations. The feature is easy to use, silent, secure, and fun. Users who want to try it out can join the WhatsApp beta program on Google Play Store and update their app to the latest version.

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