Gmail App Gets Native Translation Feature for Android and iOSGmail

Gmail App Gets Native Translation Feature for Android and iOSGmail

Gmail App Gets Native Translation Feature for Android and iOSGmail, one of the most popular email services in the world, has finally launched a native translation feature for its mobile app on Android and iOS devices.

This feature, which has been available on the web version of Gmail for years, allows users to seamlessly communicate in over 100 languages without leaving the app. The native translation feature witnesses the language of an email and offers to translate it automatically. Users can decide to translate the email by thumping on the banner at the top of the email or by utilizing the three-dot menu at the base of the email. Users can also adjust their output language in the settings, or opt out of translation for certain languages if they prefer.

The native translation feature is planned to make cross-language communication easier and faster for Gmail users. Whether they want to read an email from a foreign friend, a business partner, or a newsletter, they can now do so with just a few taps. They can also reply to the email in their own language, and Gmail will translate it back to the original language.

Google announced the exciting news on its Workspace Updates blog, saying that it has been a “highly requested feature” for mobile users. The company also stated that the feature will gradually roll out to Android users in the next two weeks, and to iOS users starting on August 21.

The native translation feature is one of the latest examples of how Google is using artificial intelligence to enhance its products and services. Google has been investing heavily in natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning technologies to improve its search engine, voice assistant, and other applications. The company has also developed some of the most advanced large language models, such as BERT and GPT-3, which can generate natural and coherent texts based on various inputs.

The native translation feature is also a testament to how Google is striving to make its products more accessible and inclusive for users around the world. Google has been supporting multiple languages and scripts in its products, such as Google Translate, Google Keyboard, and Google Lens. The company has also been working on projects that aim to preserve and promote endangered or minority languages, such as Project Understood2 and Woolaroo3.

With the native translation feature, Gmail users can now enjoy a more convenient and efficient email experience on their mobile devices. They can also explore new cultures and perspectives through different languages, and connect with people from diverse backgrounds and regions. The native translation feature is a welcome addition to the Gmail app, and a great example of how technology can bridge linguistic gaps and foster global communication.

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